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Sulimov dog Description

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The Sulimov Dog is a Russian canid hybrid originating from an initial hybrid between a Siberian Husky and a Golden Jackal. The breed was introduced by Klim Sulimov, the chief breeder for Aeroflot airline security. The primary use of this breed has been to aid airport security as sniffer dogs. Quoting Sulimov, "My dogs combine the qualities of Arctic reindeer herding dogs, which can work in temperatures as low as -70C, and jackals which enjoy the heat up to +40C. They're perfect for our country."[1] During the breeding process male Jackal pups had to be fostered on a Husky bitch in order to imprint the Jackals on dogs. Female Jackals accepted male Huskies more easily. The half-bred Jackal-Dogs were hard to train and were bred back to Huskies to produce quarter-bred hybrids (quadroons). These hybrids were small, agile, trainable and had excellent noses. They were then called Sulimov Dogs after their creator and may one day be registered as a working breed of dog. Twenty-five Sulimov dogs are used by Aeroflot at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, for functions which include bomb-sniffing. Their breeding program dates back to 1975, but was not applied to bomb detection until 2002

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Extensive Breed Information and User Testimonials


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